One Year Warranty

OpticsSouq Exclusive 12-month Warranty Policy (Sunglasses/Glasses)

OpticsSouq stands by the exceptional quality provided by the world's best brands. OpticsSouq ships its eyewear internationally to almost all worldwide countries through our advanced regional logistics centers. With some of the brands that we sell, the manufactures' warranty will be available worldwide however for other brands the official warranty may not be available in your country due to territorial limitations and/or brand policies. To cover all scenarios, we offer our own exclusive 12-month warranty against all manufacturers' defects without exception. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and our after sales service is committed to this. Usually we are able to efficiently resolve defect issues by offering replacements or replacement parts free of charge. Note that damage to frames or lenses caused by general day to day wear and tear is not covered by this guarantee. For contact lenses our warranty is for 3 months only.

Manufacturers' defects means flaws or defects arising from the manufacturing process and non-conformance to the manufacturer's standards set for the particular product. In the context of eyewear this usually refers to defective hinges, welding points, discoloring etc. Please note that manufacturer's defects DO NOT include design defects which are attributable to the product design rather than the manufacturing process. Manufacturer's defects also DO NOT include damage or harm arising from product misuse or accident or your own usage of the product.

Warranty for defective contact lenses

Disposable lenses are a mass produced item, and although there are strong quality control checks, defects can occur. This is why all lenses come with a 3-month manufacturer's warranty. The occurrence of a defect is around 1 in 500 lenses boxes, so most likely you will never have a problem, but it is important to know what to do if it does happen.

If you have a defective box you will find one or more of the following occurring:
1. The lenses will be very uncomfortable and won't sit correctly on your eyes whereas previous lenses of the same type were comfortable to wear.
2. The vision will be blurred whereas previous lenses of the same prescription provided a clear vision.
3. The lenses of the pack will split or rip very easily.

What to do if you think that your pack of contact lenses is defective:
1. Let us know immediately that you are experiencing problems with your lenses.
2. Keep all defective lenses and all packaging. You will need to send them back to us if a warranty exchange is required. Manufacturers don't accept a warranty claim if the defective lenses are not provided.
3. If you experience discomfort or blurred vision, there is a chance that the problem can be your eyes. We would recommend you contact your optometrist immediately


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